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Faculty Advisor Responsibilities

  • The faculty advisor should help the student prepare the proposal, particularly where the major-emphasis is concerned.
    • The faculty advisor should make sure that the proposal meets the aspirations of the student.
    • The faculty advisor should make sure that the proposal completely satisfies the requirements for an academically rigorous B.U.S. degree.
    • The student-advisor team should consider the prerequisites for and availability of selected courses.
    • The team should consult actual departmental advisors or professors regarding questionable courses and obtain written approval of any requirements waived.
  • The faculty advisor writes a letter for the student that explicitly states an understanding of the sponsor's responsibilities and willingness to be a sponsor.
    • The letter should also strongly endorse the proposal.
    • This letter becomes part of the proposal, so it should be given to the student to include in that document.
  • Once the proposal is complete, the advisor becomes its advocate and is invited to appear with the student before the University Studies Committee to answer any questions that might arise.
  • If a change in the approved major-emphasis curriculum becomes necessary, then it is the faculty advisor's responsibility to approve any substitutions.
    • The faculty advisor must make sure that the substitution follows the theme and intent of the original proposal.
    • The faculty advisor must make sure that the academic integrity of the program and the various hour requirements for a B.U.S. degree are maintained.
    • The B.U.S. coordinator/advisor must be notified in writing of any adjustments in order to make final approval and to update the student's file.
  • Before the student's final semester at the University, the student-advisor team will need to design the details of the student's senior thesis or project.
    • This should involve at least 3 semester hours of independent study from the faculty advisor's department that the faculty advisor will supervise and grade.
  • The student will need to consult with the faculty advisor from time to time.
    • How often is left to their discretion, though we hope it is often enough that both share control of the degree.
Last Updated: 4/15/21