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Student learning is the focus of everything we do at the University of Utah. All of our programs are designed to enhance what students know, believe and are able to do in the world around them. In this way, student success is measured not only by how efficiently students attain their degrees but how much they learn along the way. 

The goal of the Office of Learning Outcomes Assessment is to work with colleges and departments to develop learning outcomes assessment plans and provide resources for collecting, analyzing and reporting data.  This will help the University document students' attainment of targeted learning outcomes and to use those data to improve programs.

This website provides a description of the assessment cycle, assessment tools, an assessment plan template, and examples of best practices.  These tools are here to help departments and programs as they write learning outcomes, identify, collect and analyze evidence, write reports, and make decisions about their programs based on their findings.  To find your program's learning outcomes, go to and search for your program then scroll to near the bottom of your program's page and look for "Learning Outcomes." 

Last Updated: 4/17/19