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Completed Assessment Reports

To view assessment plans, click here.  The learning outcomes for every department on campus can be viewed here.

7-Year Graduate Council Program Review Assessment Sections
3- and 5-Year Interim Assessments

[We are assembling these reports on a matrix on a separate web page that we will pubish closer to our 2022 accreditation. For now we have the most recent program assessment reports included below, grouped by college.]

David Eccles School of Business

DESB Undergraduate Core 7-year Assessment Report (p.1)
Masters in Finance (p.10)
Masters in Health Care Administration (p.16)
Masters in Business Analytics (p. 19)
Masters in Information Systems (p. 99)
Masters in Business Administration (p. 107)
Masters in Real Estate Development (p. 113)
Masters in Accounting (p. 118)
Ph.D. (p. 123)

College of Education

Department of Special Education

College of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering: 7-year LOA Report: 2017-18

College of Humanities

Department of History-3rd Year Report
Department of Middle East Studies

Department of Philosophy
World Languages and Cultures
Department of Writing and Rhetoric Studies

College of Mines and Earth Sciences

Atmospheric Sciences - 7-year Report (2017-18)
Department of Geology - Geological Engineering - 7-year Report (2015-16)
Department of Geology and Geophysics - 7-year Report (2017-18)

Department of Metallurgical Engineering - 7-year Report (2016-17)
Department of Metallurgical Engineering - 3-year Report (2019-20)

Department of Mining Engineering - 7-year Report (2016-17)
Department of Mining Engineering - 3-year Report (2019-20)

College of Science

Department of Math - Engineering Math Sequence
School of Biological Sciences 3-year Report Workshop Presentation

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Anthropology 7-yr Review
Economics 7-yr Review
    Economics 3-yr Interim Report 
Family and Consumer Studies 1st Year review 2016-17
    Family and Consumer Studies 3rd Year Assessment of Sustainability Outcome
Political Science
Sociology - 5-year Report
Sociology - 7-year Report

Departments and Programs Under the Office of Undergraduate Studies

The Office of Undergraduate Studies has Three Big Goals, listed below, which are each elements of the Utah Pledge.  The various high impact programs administered by the Office of Undergraduate Studies each fall under at least one of our Big Goals:
     1. Support Student Success
          a. Academic Advising Center (AAC)
          b. New Student and Family Programs (NSFP)
          c. Student Leadership and Involvement
          d. Student Success and Empowerment Initiative (SSEI)

     2. Learning Communities
          a. BlockU
          b. Honors
          c. LEAP
     3. Deeply Engaged Learning Experiences
          a. Capstone Programs
          b. My Utah Signature Experience (MUSE)
          c. Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR)

General Education

General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment Summer 2015: Written Communication and Quantitative Literacy
General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment Spring 2016: Intercultural Knowledge and Competence (IKC) and Quantitative Literacy (QL)
General Education Fall 2017 Focus Groups on IKC and QL Outcomes
General Education Spring 2020 Intercultural Knowledge and Competence Assessment

Last Updated: 7/6/20