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You are a sophomore! Make this the best year yet. 

There are plenty of tools and resources at your disposal to help you rock your 2nd year at the U. We are here for you - take advantage of all we have to offer to ensure you stay on track to achieve your goals.

Watch the full YouTube video here.



Sophomore Appreciation Week: Celebration and Fair


Start your second year at the U in style with events to celebrate you!

Sophomore Appreciation Week takes place every September so click to learn more and save the date!



From Purpose to Impact: Sophomore Year Class


Register for this class uniquely designed to help you define your college path. 

"This class has been wonderful!  It’s been a great opportunity to discover campus resources, connect with our students, learn how to reach my goals, and just discover more about myself.  I’ve learned so many valuable things AND I’ve learned where I can go to find more.  The U doesn’t seem so scary and overwhelming anymore.  Dr. Wood is the absolute BEST."

 Define yourself at the U


Mandatory Second Year Milestone Advising


Work with your advisor to map your Plan to Finish. Think of your advisor as your personal navigator who is squarely in your corner, helping you to chart your course to graduation. Advisors assist with academics; they also have insight on ways to expand your horizons and explore the unique and fun learning opportunities at the U. Make the most out of your time at the U.


Muse Faculty Mentors


Finding a mentor can be intimidating, but we have a solution. Whether or not you take a course from them, MUSE professors are dedicated to your success, and have a proven record of teaching and mentoring undergraduate students. Think of them as rock star faculty members who are available to meet with you to listen, advise, and help you find direction during this pivotal year of college. Build your network at the U.


College Opportunities


Every department at the U is here to help you succeed.  Take a look at campus wide departmental opportunities that are here to make your sophomore year at the U your best year yet!



Ivory Homes Deeply Engaged Learning Award


Put your ideas into action with a Deeply Engaged Learning award. Learn by solving problems, collaborating with peers, and studying with professors and advisers who are passionate about the issues you care about. Apply for an Ivory Homes Deeply Engaged Learning award to maximize your education today!


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Last Updated: 2/12/20