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UGS Directory

Martha Bradly-Evans
(801) 581-3811
Martha Bradley-Evans
Sr. Associate Vice President 
  • Dean of the Office of Undergraduate Studies
  • Senior Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
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(801) 581-8092
James Agutter
Assistant Dean (UGS)
Nicole Batt
(801) 585-0911
Nicole Batt
Managing Director (Office of Engagement)
  • Manages the Utah College Advising Corps
  • Manages the Office of Engagement
  • Serves on the Transfer Process Task Force, Utah College Application Week Steering Committee, College Access Network of Utah Steering Committee, and the Local College Access Network (Granite School District) Steering Committee
Amy Bergerson
(801) 587-8556
Amy Bergerson
Sr. Associate Dean (Student Success & Empowerment)
Jon Bernal
(385) 232-5244
Jon Bernal
Student Success Advocate
  • Lend a listening ear to all undergraduates
  • Plug students to campus resources
  • Engage and empower students to explore new opportunities
  • Liaison for the College of Health and Social Work and the School of Medicine and Pharmacy
Ann Blanchard
(801) 581-3188
Ann Blanchard
Administrative Manager
Carolyn Bliss
(801) 581-3283
Carolyn Bliss
Faculty, LEAP
  • Teaches Health Sciences LEAP
  • Serves on University task forces for career-line and adjunct faculty, transfer students, and orientation
(801) 581-8920
Rachel Borup
Faculty (LEAP)


CHristine Contestable
(385) 232-6147
Christine Contestable
Student Success Advocate
  • Support undergraduate students in discovering opportunities and resources, overcoming challenges, clarifying goals, planning with purpose, strengthening learning skills, and affirming their unique gifts
  • Liaison with LGBT Resource Center, Learning Success Center, Women’s Resource Center, School of Business, and College of Science
  • Support Medical Humanities Block U students, peer mentor, and faculty
(801) 581-3412
Ann Darling
Assistant Vice President of UGS
  • General Education
  • BlockU
Valerie D'Astous
LEAP Faculty


(801) 581-3283
Marissa Diener
Administration, LEAP
  • Director of Leap Program
(801) 587-7843
Lyndi Duff
Director, Curriculum Management & Technology
(801) 581-4891
Ann Engar
Professor (LEAP/Honors)
  • Coordinates Intellectual Traditions sections (Honors College)
  • Teaches Pre-Law LEAP Program
  • LEAP policy board
  • Bennion Center faculty affiliate
  • CTLE fellow
  • Portfolio committee
  • UROP & USET student sponsor
(801) 587-2997
Rachel Lucchini Everitt
Administrative Assistant (Outreach and Engagement)
  • Administrative support
  • Manages the CBISA outreach database and outreach coordinators network
  • Manages social media content
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(801) 581-3177
Alison Flanders
Executive Assistant
(801) 585-5819
Araina Forth
Curriculum Specialist
(801) 581-6413
Cindy Greaves
Project Coordinator (OUR)
(801) 581-5249
Rachel Hayes-Harb
Director (Undergraduate Research)
(801) 587-3172
Libby Henriksen
Communication & Event Specialist (MUSE Project)
  • Organize recurring programming of Lunchtime Lectures and MUSE Nights Out
  • Marketing and correspondence; campus outreach for events
  • Oversee student-led book discussion groups
  • Main contact for MUSE Scholars cohort and programming
Beth Howard
(801) 581-7787
Beth Howard
Associate Dean
(801) 5816153
Coco James
LEAP Faculty
(801) 585-6797
Monica Kohler
(801) 585-9922
Rebecca Larsen
Assistant Professor/Lecturer (LEAP)
(801) 587-1685
Melanie Lee
Student Success Advocate Coordinator


(801) 581-5289
Steve Maisch
Assistant Director (LEAP)
(801) 581-8388
Erica Marken
Director (Undergraduate Advancement)
(801) 587-2295
Mark Matheson
Director (MUSE Project)
  • Director of MUSE Programming, including the MUSE Theme Year, MUSE Scholars, and MUSE Internships
  • Co-chair, Engaged Learning Portfolio Leadership Team
(801) 585-9604
Debbie Matticks
Office Manager
  • Administrative Assistant to Martha Bradley-Evans
  • Coordinates UGS Intern Program and hires for part-time positions
  • Purchases supplies, places work orders, and registers travel
(801) 585-7826
Dean McGovern
Executive Director


(801) 587-7580
Jude McNeil


(801) 587-2965
Therese Mcrae
Administrative Officer


(801) 585-3582
Robyn Moreno
Program Assistant (Learning Portfolios)
  • Assists in administration and development of Learning Portfolios
  • Manages Learning Portfolios communications
(801) 581-3106
Dannielle Moriondo
Development Specialist


(801) 587-7581
Lisa Nemelka
Major Gifts Officer


(801) 581-4926
John Nilsson
Assistant Dean (University College)
  • General Education Curriculum Council (GECC)
  • Credits and Admissions Committee
  • Comprehensive Retention and Completion Task Force
  • Summer Orientation Task Force
  • Advisor Position Subcommittee Co-Chair (UAAC)
(801) 213-0922
Emerson Pratt
Curriculum Specialist


(801) 587-8556
Juan J Rios
Administrative Assistant (Student Success)
(801) 581-8920
Joshua Rivkin
LEAP Faculty


(801) 585-9788
Nomani Satuala
Assistant Director (New Student & Family Programs)
  • Supports Orientation programs for incoming first-year students, transfer students, and their families
  • Manages Transfer Programs and communications, including Transfer Tuesdays and Transfer Connections Newsletter
  • Tau Sigma Honor Society advisor
  • Supervises Orientation team and serves as the Leadership 3960 instructor
(801) 599-3569
Jennifer Large Seagrave
Associate Instructor (LEAP)
(801) 585-9604
Katie Sexton
Administrative Assistant (UROP)
  • National Student Exchange (NSE) Program Assistant
(801) 581-2478
Megan Shannahan
Research Advisor


(801) 587-2189
Stephanie Shiver
Academic Advising Coordinator (OUR)
  • Facilitate faculty-student collaborative research projects through the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
  • Assist students throughout research process: finding opportunities, working with mentors, developing skills, disseminating research, and utilizing projects in future academic and professional plans
  • Collaborate with offices across campus to best serve undergraduate student’s research needs
(801) 581-7069
Erin Sine
Assistant Director (New Student & Family Programs)
Mark St. Andre(801) 585-9876
Mark St. Andre
Assistant Dean (Assessment/General Education)
  • Assessment and survey consultation with UGS Programs
  • Statistical analysis of institutional & program data
  • Liaison to Office of Budget and Institutional Analysis
  • General Education course review
  • Learning Outcomes assessment
  • Utah System of Higher Education task force on General Education
  • Accreditation sub-committee
  • Transfer process task force
  • Web content management liaison to University Information Technology (UIT)
(801) 581-7383
Sylvia Torti
Director (Honors)
(801) 581-7597
Patrick Tripeny
Director (CTLE)
(801) 581-7597
Seetha Veeraghanta
Associate Professor/Lecturer (LEAP)
(801) 585-9363
Mike White
Associate Professor/Lecturer (LEAP)
(801) 585-9363
Robert White
Director (IT)
  • Manages IT support/Infrastructure for Continuing Education, Undergraduate Studies, and Honors College
(801) 581-4856
Nora Wood
Associate Professor/Lecturer (LEAP)
Last Updated: 4/15/21