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Faculty Resources

Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence

Provides a myriad of services to instructors with an emphasis on best pedagogical practices and strategies for teaching in higher education. 

Curriculum Administration

Responsible for maintaining the official texts that describe programs and courses, including an inventory of current offerings as well as a comprehensive history of past ones.

General Education & Bachelor Degree Requirements

View the criteria and the rubrics used to evaluate applications for designations or start the process to apply for a General Education or Bachelor Degree Requirement designation for your course.

Information Technology

Responsible for many of the University of Utah's most critical common IT resources including the campus network, the CIS portal, UMail, telephone & online collaboration services, information security, software licensing, and a host of other systems and applications.


Learning Outcomes Assessment

Work with colleges and departments to develop learning outcomes assessment plans and provide resources for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data to use that data to document attainment and improve programs.


Learning Portfolios

Internet-based portfolios that collate student learning, providing opportunities for students to demonstrate skills, learning, and achievements.


McMurrin Lectureship

Brings a scholar of recognized eminence in their field to the University of Utah to raise the level of campus discourse and enrich undergraduate education. 


Office of Undergraduate Research

Resources for faculty interested in serving as an undergraduate research mentor.


Teaching & Learning Technologies

Informs and supports faculty who are developing and publishing online courses and learning experiences.


Undergraduate Council

Responsible for coordinating and encouraging the development of undergraduate studies and overseeing all university-wide undergraduate requirements.


University Professorship

Recognizes individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary skills in teaching, distinguished scholarship in their field, and an interdisciplinary approach to undergraduate instruction.


Last Updated: 7/27/18