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Bachelor of University Studies (B.U.S.)

The Bachelor of University Studies (B.U.S.) program provides students with the flexibility of creating an individualized major in an area not otherwise available at the University. Students must design, propose, and complete the degree under the guidance of Jim Agutter, director of the B.U.S. program, and the supervision of a tenure-track faculty member (faculty advisor). The proposal for the major is expected to have a thematic focus and to be academically rigorous. The program of study will include an interdisciplinary set of courses that are appropriate to the theme of the major and requires the completion of a senior project designed by the student and faculty advisor. The senior project is usually presented as a thesis but may take other forms such as a visual work of art or a computer program.

The program currently houses majors in a wide range of areas; some examples of previously approved programs of study include environmental issues (e.g., "Environmental Management," "Natural Resource Management") and international issues (e.g., "Study of Japan"). Other majors are quite diverse, including such topics as "American Sign Language," "Biomedical Illustration," "Business Computer Science" and "Landscape Design."


For questions regarding the Bachelor of University Studies contact our advisor:


Students with last name ending A-L contact Emerson Pratt.

Students with last name ending M-Z contact Amanda May


Contact Jim Agutter

All other advising inquiries should be directed to your major advisor or a major exploration advisor.

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