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Spring 2019 Learning Outcomes Assessment Workshop

See the agenda below for the Spring 2019 Learning Outcomes Assessment Workshop. Click on the department to access their presentation.

Learning Outcomes Assessment Workshop
April 11, 2019
Sill Center Large Conference Room

11:35 – Introduction, "Why Learning Outcomes Assessment and Assessment Tools." Office of Learning Outcomes Assessment: Mark St. Andre

11:40 – "Documenting Student Learning Outcomes in Chemistry  with a Portfolio Tool.Chemistry: Natascha Knowlton, Tom Richmond

12:00 – "Striving for Uniformity and Efficiency in Math Assessment." Mathematics: Matt Cecil, Rebecca Noonan-Heale

12:20 – "Engaging All Faculty in Direct Assessment of Coursework." Metallurgical Engineering: York Smith

12:40 – "On the Journey to Assessing Learning Outcomes."  Atmospheric Sciences: John Horel

1:00 – Conclude


Why Learning Outcomes Assessment?

  • Link to Northwest Council on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) Accreditation Report Letters to the University of Utah:


Where are my Learning Outcomes?

  • Enter your program name in the Program search window and scroll to near the bottom right above the 4-year plans. Click on the arrow next to "Learning Outcomes" to see your outcomes.


Where to Learn More about How to Do Learning Outcomes Assessment?

  • /learning-outcomes-assessment/index.php
  • Includes:
    • Instructions on the basic steps of learning outcomes assessment
    • Links to existing plans and reports from U of U programs
    • Materials from three previous Learning Outcomes Assessment Workshops
    • Examples from other institutions
    • Links to accreditation sites






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