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How will the New U Student Experience support your success?

Student Resources

Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center (formerly University College) assists people through academic advising to achieve educational goals. They cultivate relationships that empower students to navigate the U.

Academic Calendar

Browse the deadlines, dates, and holidays for each academic semester and print a summary list for each year.


At the U, our goal is to give every student the chance to be part of unique learning experiences. Start your story and apply now.

Campus Information Services

Campus Information Services (CIS) contains a variety of self-service apps.

Campus Map

This map is a complete view of the University of Utah campus, which spans nearly 1,800 acres. Filter for parking, food, shuttles, and more.

Campus Police

The Department of Public Safety staff endeavors to do all that is possible to build an environment that promotes a feeling of safety and security.

Course Catalog

Explore the details and descriptions of courses, minors, majors, programs, departments, and colleges.

My Degree Dashboard

The My Degree Dashboard audit is an advising report that matches student coursework against requirements for a degree program. The report indicates what course work has been completed, what is in progress, and what remains.

General Education & Bachelor Degree Requirements

By completing the General Education & Bachelor's Degree program, students will be prepared for twenty-first-century challenges.

Inclusive Excellence

The mission of Inclusive Excellence is to engage, support, and advance a living, learning, and working environment that fosters respect, diversity, equity, inclusivity, and academic excellence for students in our increasingly global community.

Learning Portfolios

A Learning Portfolio (also known as an ePortfolio) is an assessment and reflection tool that is used to comprehensively illustrate your educational career.

Parking Information

Information about the Commuter Services department at the University of Utah, including information about parking on campus, permit types, mass transit, and alternative modes.


The LEAP Program and Undergraduate Advancement accept scholarship applications annually beginning in January.

Student Success & Empowerment Initiative

Supporting you in creating your success here at the University of Utah is the most important thing our Student Success Advocates do.

UGS Student Internship

Enjoy the benefits of working on campus and take advantage of flexible work hours, a variety of projects, and the opportunity to support academic programs through this year-long paid internship.

Undergraduate Advancement

Undergraduate Advancement is a mutual effort by Academic and Student Affairs to provide programs that both support and retain undergraduate students at the University of Utah.

Undergraduate Bulletin

The Undergraduate Bulletin is a resource for new undergraduate students to help orient you to the University of Utah.


Fit one more class into your schedule this semester, take summer classes while away from campus, or maybe take a semester and see the world with flexible UOnline offerings.

Last Updated: 2/10/17