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New University Scholars Program

Students at the University of Utah studying together

What is a New University Scholar?

New University Scholars are exceptional, accomplished students with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Admission to the New University Scholars program is by invitation only. These scholars are chosen through the holistic admissions process at the University of Utah, which places importance not only on high grade point averages and test scores but also on community involvement, service-related experience and a demonstrated commitment to improving the world around them. 

What are the benefits of being a New University Scholar?

New University Scholars are able to take advantage of specifically designed learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. The program combines traditional in-class instruction along with opportunities to learn outside of the classroom too. New University Scholars enroll in at least one of five Learning Communities. Our Learning Community program are designed to give students the best of both worlds - an opportunity to study at a Research University while maintaining the benefits of a small college setting.

  • Member of a fully integrated education community
  • $2,000 scholarship for two years
  • Opportunity to be among the first to register for Fall 2019 classes
  • Advance ticket opportunities to a wide range of campus events, including fine arts events, premier academic lectures and social events.
  • Monthly dinners with other New University Scholars and University Educators
  • Leadership development opportunities

What are the requirements to be a New University Scholar?

  1. A 3.5 GPA
  2. Demonstrated community involvement, leadership skills and diverse extra curricular participation
  3. Attendence at monthly events and meetings
  4. Enrollment in 15 credit hours and one of five partner Learning Communities

Learning Communities to choose from:

Beacon Scholars is a community of first generation college students who support one another throughout their University experience. We focus on personal and professional skill building. As a member of Beacon you’ll identify a problem you see in the world and create its solution in a zero-limitation, fail-forward environment that engages you in real world problem-solving. First year students join our mentoring cohort, where you connect with students in their second year or beyond. These experienced students will build friendships with you, and help link you to resources on campus—which professor to take biology from, or where to find the cheapest food on campus! Beacon has opportunities for students in every stage of college life. We meet Fridays through the academic year.

The BlockU program is designed to make sure that your first year of college is infused with everything we know about student success. In the BlockU you’ll take a set academic schedule, organized around a certain topic or theme in a learning community format with teachers who are committed to your success. This program provides wrap-around student support in the form of a peer mentor, a University College Advisor, a Student Success Advocate and a librarian. You will develop skills in critical thinking, written and oral communication, and teamwork. But the most distinctive skill developed in the BlockU program is integrative learning; these skills will help you be successful throughout your college career. Each BlockU program culminates in a Capstone Project where you will use the knowledge you’ve gained over the year in a hands-on manner. Through the BlockU Program, it’s possible to complete your General Education requirements in your very first year.

The Diversity Scholars Program is central to Student Equity & Diversity’s retention focus and was created as a way to support students of color during their first-year at the University of Utah. Our program supports you through academic advising, leadership development, regular interactions with faculty and staff of color, mentoring relationships, networking, and off-campus community engagement among other opportunities. Most notably, the program is implemented as a cohort model of 100 students from diverse backgrounds. Our program has served as an intense training ground that prepares students to take on future leadership opportunities, as evidenced by the level of success our students have at the local and national level. In our program, you will enroll in our First-Year experience course, which explores student identities, educational experiences, and provides leadership in educational and community settings through critical service learning. 

 Explore the human experience with Humanities Scholars! We’ll dive deep into questions that have perplexed and propelled humanity, reflecting on the role the humanities have played in finding answers to these questions. Our journey takes you from Centennial Valley, Montana to Rome, Italy with a star-studded seminar in between, team taught by leading faculty from each of our departments. We’ll help you craft your professional persona, explore big questions facing the world today (and start shaping your own solutions), and apply classroom learning to community projects. You’ll even enjoy priority residence in the state-of-the-art Lassonde Studios, where you’ll live and learn the art of humanities innovation.

 LEAP is a community of learners, with different versions keyed to your major or future career. The two LEAP classes you take (one fall semester, one spring semester) fulfill three general education requirements in a setting where you’ll make friends who share your interests, get to know a professor, and be coached on college success by a peer mentor. LEAP classes are small and discussion based, with options that extend even beyond your first year. LEAP students also get involved on campus and in the community, and many go on to major leadership positions. Research shows that compared to those not in the program, LEAP students get better grades in their first year, rack up more credit hours, and graduate at higher rates.

For more information, please contact:

Amy Bergerson
(801) 587-2269

Last Updated: 4/15/21