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You got into the U. You made it through your first year. Nice work!

This next year can be challenging and we’ve got some ideas for how to get the most out of it. In order to stay on track and finish their degree, most successful second-year students:

  • reflect on their success and identify a future pathway
  • hone their interests and goals
  • develop a plan to finish their degree and accomplish their goals

Where should you start? By registering now in CIS for our Sense of Purpose class (UGS 2900) designed specifically to help you do these things!  This one-credit class, designed especially for second-year students is offered both face-to-face or online  Then watch the space for information on our upcoming Sophomore Rise Workshops.  

Fall 2019 Class Options  (view in fall schedule)

UGS 2900-001    Wednesdays - 12:55-1:45 PM

UGS 2900-090    Online


Fall 2019 Workshop Options 

Wednesdays - 9/18, 9/25, and 10/21 - 2:30-4:30 PM (3 part series, over 3 weeks)

  • Location - Sil Center, Small Conference Room

Workshop Registration

What do students say? 

"This class has helped me in many ways.  It helped me to connect with the services provided on campus. Mostly the counseling center.  It helped me to feel a part of this large campus and even helped me find scholarships that weren’t for incoming freshmen.  The class is great, and I highly recommend it.  It just helped to give me that extra push I needed to focus my energy on finishing."

"This class has helped me become more informed about resources available to me as a student.  This information will help me as I create my personal plan to finish college.  Dr. Wood is a passionate professor who has her best interests in you, the student."

Last Updated: 1/30/20