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Proceedings of the Spring 2017 Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Workshop

April 9, 2017

Sill Center Large Conference Room


The assessment of learning outcomes has become a common way for programs to improve their understanding of how well their students are gaining the knowledge and skills that the program wants them to have when they graduate. Learning outcomes assessment is also now an expected piece of evidence about student achievement in disciplinary and regional university accreditation. 

 While this workshop is designed for anyone who is interested in learning about and/or sharing assessment-related ideas, we think it will be particularly interesting to programs that are preparing for their 7-year program reviews.  



11:30: Grab a Lunch

11:35: Introductions and Goal Setting

  • Mark St. Andre and Ann Darling will discuss the work of the new Office of Learning Outcomes Assessment. 
  • Katharine Ullman, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, will discuss changes in the 7-Year Program Review guide (Red Book) related to learning outcomes assessment. 

 11:45:  We will have 4 or 5 college and departmental presentations on learning outcomes assessment. Approximately 10-minute presentation, 10-minute Q&A

11:40: Darryl Butt, Dean of College of Mines and Earth Sciences

12:00: Matt Burbank, Political Science

Political Science Assessment Report (view document)

12:20: Matt Haber, Philosophy

Department of Philosophy’s Writing and Analysis Rubric (view document)

12:40: Will Nesse, Math 

Engineering Math Spring 2017 Report (view document)

1:10: Wrap Up, Next Steps

1:15: Adjourn

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