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University of Utah Learning Framework

The University of Utah wants every undergraduate student to obtain a well-rounded educational experience during their time at our school. This means that we want students to be part of a Community where they form positive and enriching relationships and connections are made with their interest areas. By developing autonomy and self-direction we believe that students will experience a Transformation. We expect students to develop broad knowledge through General Education, deep Knowledge and Skills within their majors and deeply engaged learning experiences. We also want students to make an Impact where personal interest, motivation, and application are demonstrated. These four categories are organized into a Learning Framework which is a way of articulating, describing, assessing, and demonstrating what the University of Utah wants undergraduate students to experience.


Positive & Enriching Relationships

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learning framework diagram


Autonomy & Self-Direction


Knowledge & Skills

Process, Standards, Guidelines



Performance and Application


The University of Utah Learning Framework: 

  • Describes the broad experiences that the University of Utah thinks students should have to benefit the most from their time with us.
  • Communicates to students about the experiences and opportunities that are available in each of the areas of the framework so they can benefit the most from their U journey, while also allowing students to retain their uniqueness.
  • Invites students to describe the learning that they developed from the experiences.
  • Provides a structure to conduct a broad assessment across these different dimensions for all undergraduate students.
  • Allows administration, programs, and other providers to have a common way to look at curriculum and opportunities, discuss them, and structure them while allowing for programs to retain their uniqueness.
  • Provides a framework for programs to describe the learning outcomes expected.
  • Allows each of these groups to communicate to each other and out to the broader community using a common language and understanding of the broad goals of the University of Utah.



Last Updated: 4/1/20