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The Purpose of General Education is to help you build connections. 



Your General Education classes will help you develop and deepen skills as you broaden your knowledge of the perspectives that connect the world.

These classes will provide you opportunities to collaborate with communities and have an impact by responding creatively. During this exploration, you will be transformed and have the ability to persist, contribute, and thrive.

It starts with U.



We understand that navigating a large education system is difficult. It is often hard to understand how the pieces all tie together and how to make sense of it all.

So we’ve come up with a basic framework to help guide you through your journey.

In short, you will be part of a community, develop deep knowledge and skills, make an impact, and be transformed in the process.


Learning Framwork Model


General Education courses form the backbone of your educational experience.

These courses provide you with skills that all employers are looking for.

In addition, these courses provide you with broad perspectives to allow you to look at the world from a variety of ways and have a deep appreciation of alternative viewpoints.


Learning Framwork Model


Our general education courses are designed to help you see the connections between courses and connect the experience.

These courses will help you to develop an ability to: ethically reason and act, effectively collaborate, create and engage, and persist in addressing complex problems.

By putting it all together, you will learn to contribute your valuable insight and actualize change.


Learning Framwork Model



We understand that each student has a unique set of needs and circumstances for obtaining their general education.

That is why we have created three different models of navigation through these courses. Each of these models works with your own plan.


Learning Framwork Model





Last Updated: 2/12/20