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Collaborate Effectively 


  • Communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Incorporate ideas from many diverse lived experiences.
  • Develop effective teamwork behaviors and attitudes.
  • Navigate conflict productively.

When Community and Knowledge & Skills come together, it’s all about learning to collaborate effectively. Courses in this category target the collaborative skills necessary to work and to live effectively in a community of people who have different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and beliefs.




 Reason & Act Ethically    

  • Develop a personal ethical code.
  • Apply a personal ethical code to different situations.
  • Reflect on how ethical codes apply to global issues.
  • Reflect on how ethical codes apply to community-based issues.

When Community and Transformation come together, you learn how to reason and act ethically. Courses within this intersection provide opportunities to grapple with the ethical dimensions of problem solving and action.






Persist in Addressing

Complex Problems  

  • Develop strategies for persistence.
  • Respond productively to setbacks, errors and failures.
  • Create processes that lead to effective problem solving.
  • Develop a broad system of people and resources to support creative problem solving.

When Knowledge & Skills and Impact come together, you learn about persisting in addressing complex problems. Courses within this intersection focus on developing the capacity to persist and remain engaged in complex problems, especially when an immediate solution seems elusive.




 Respond Creatively

  • Use creativity when responding to opportunities.
  • Explore and create multi-dimensional responses to opportunities.
  • Explore connections between other opportunities.
  • Transform familiar response to entirely forms.

When Impact and Transformation come together, it’s all about learning to respond creatively to the challenges and opportunities life brings. Courses within this intersection focus on opportunities to explore, to create, to engage, and to transform. 




Last Updated: 5/5/21