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General Education is the strongest single lever we can use to enhance student success.





General Education (GE) courses account for over 50% of the SCH (student credit hours)
 produced at the University. Over 90% of colleges teach GE courses and taking more GE courses in the
first two years of college is associated with positive retention and graduation outcomes. 

This means that GE courses provide an opportunity to impact
student educational experiences on a large scale. 

% of SCH per semester for GE courses

% of SCH per semester for GE courses  

% of colleges offer/teach GE courses

# of colleges that offer/ teach GE courses


General Education courses play a unique role within an academic major.


General Education courses can:

• Introduce and attract students to the major.
• Enhance educational experiences of students outside the major,
  which can lead to the pursuit of a double major, minor or certificate. 
• Help students graduate.
• Produce SCH income

Our goal is to help you be strategic and successful in planning and implementing a GE curriculum
that supports your department and college and while providing the best educational experiences for students.
Please contact us for support in developing GE courses or to schedule a curriculum review. 

Ge Application process       Apply for a GE Designation


Last Updated: 5/5/21