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Register for Courses

Before you can register for classes, you will need to complete the mandatory registration with the State, attend a mandatory orientation session and complete the Liability Waiver requirement by the U. Student must meet all the pre-requisites required by the courses in which they wish to enroll.  A registration link will be send to student who complete all the requirements.

Drop a Course

Once a student is officially enrolled and committed to attend class, they must officially drop their classes by the deadline or they may be charged full tuition and receive a failing grade.

Drop a course

Withdraw from a Course

Students may officially withdraw from a class or all classes after the drop deadline. A “W” grade is recorded on the transcript.

Withdraw from a course

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Email Account

  • When you are entered into the University System, a university email account (umail) is created for you.
  • Any notification from the University will come to this umail account.
  • Review your umail account often because all important correspondence from the university goes to this account.  This email account can be also forwarded to your personal email.

Last Updated: 1/14/20