Integrated Certificate in Sustainability

Program Overview

The Integrated Certificate in Sustainability is designed to give students the breadth and depth of knowledge, skills, and critical and creative thinking to create a more sustainable future.


While every discipline approaches issues of sustainability differently, there are important concepts that span across disciplinary boundaries. At the end of the Program, students—regardless of their major or disciplinary interests—will be able to:

  • Explain, discover, and imagine a worldview cognizant of our ability to live within ecological limits
  • Comprehend and evaluate, at the systems level, linkages among policy, the ecosystem, social equity and environmental justice, and the built environment
  • Utilize various analytical techniques including triple bottom line and life cycle analysis



Why Get An Integrated Certificate
in Sustainability?

  • To acquire the interdisciplinary skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to make valuable, "real world" contributions to sustainability
  • To prepare for a career relating to sustainability while maintaining a clear disciplinary focus through your Major
  • To certify your preparedness to analyze and address a variety of sustainability problems
  • To expand your understanding of sustainability issues to become a more informed and engaged citizen and professional


Get Involved

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Pledge provides you with an opportunity to commit to actions that will make the world better for you and future generations by living more sustainably.