New University Scholars Program

Students at the University of Utah studying together

What is a New University Scholar?

New University Scholars are exceptional, accomplished students with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. These scholars are chosen through the holistic admissions process at the University of Utah, which places importance not only on high grade point averages and test scores but also on community involvement, service-related experience and a demonstrated commitment to improving the world around them. 

What are the benefits of being a New University Scholar?

New University Scholars are able to take advantage of specifically designed learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. The program combines traditional in-class instruction along with opportunities to learn outside of the classroom too.

Member of a fully integrated education community – a Block U

  • $2,000 scholarship for two years
  • Advance ticket opportunities to a wide range of campus events, including fine arts events, premier academic lectures and social events.
  • Monthly dinners with other New University Scholars and University Educators
  • Access to dedicated library support team
  • Access to peer mentors and student advocates
  • Small group discussions with top national speakers 

What exactly is a BlockU?

A BlockU is a set academic schedule, specifically organized around a certain topic or theme. Block scheduling is a proven tool that helps students maximize learning while at the same time, allowing for flexibility in a students personal life.

BlockU Topics of Study:


What kind of world do you want to live in and how can you go about getting there?  Learning how to effectively engage in the dialogue surrounding these two questions requires an intimate understanding of how science, society and the environment all fit together.  If you can imagine yourself shaping our world for future generations, then this is the Block U for you. 

Creativity & Community

Explore the role and use of arts in effective social, political and environmental advocacy. You will learn how to partner artistic expression with effective grass-roots organization.  You can begin to channel your creativity and change the collective consciousness. If you can imagine having a positive impact on the institutions, organizations, and communities that affect our society you will love this Block U.

Global Citizenship

The world we live in is getting smaller and smaller every day. The globalization of our planet affects each one of us. From healthcare, to the environment, to poverty and popular culture; discover ways to define your global footprint. If you can imagine yourself exploring global ideas and solutions, this Block U is just what you’re looking for.

Art & Science

Discover the crossroads where art and science meet, and how the relationship between these two disciplines has changed over time. Take part in a new movement working to move beyond old ideas and discover how the relationship between these two exciting fields intersects in the world today. If you can imagine yourself as part of a new frontier of cross-disciplinary scholars learning today, this BlockU has your name on it.

Medical Humanities

Study issues surrounding medicine, biomedical research, and public health through the eyes of the humanities. Find solutions to a wide-range of questions, for instance: How does culture and society play a role in defining health and disease? How does philosophy or literature help us understand the role of the physician? What are some of the problems surrounding the conversation between doctors, patients and caretakers when decision-making at the end of life? If you can imagine yourself as a pre-med student or someone interested in medicine explored through the humanities, this BlockU is waiting for you.

Entrepreneurship & Society

Do you have the next big idea? Learn about entrepreneurship historically and theoretically while you develop the skill set needed to be a successful business owner. Discover the economic, political, artistic, and humanistic forces that influence, and are influenced by, entrepreneurship. If you can imagine yourself as an innovative thinker with a mind for business, this Block U is right up your alley.

For more information on the New University Scholars Program, contact:

Ann Darling
Senior Associate Dean
Office of Undergraduate Studies
The University of Utah