Assessment of Undergraduate Studies Programs and Offices

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The Office of Assessment and Evaluation in Undergraduate Studies helps Undergraduate Studies departments and programs plan and conduct assessment-related activities such as brainstorming, survey preparation and delivery, survey and other data analysis, coordination with and access to institutional data, and grant writing.  Assessments of individual UGS programs are displayed on those programs' web pages.  Click here to see annual reports from the last several years. 

We also help lead the ongoing assessment of the General Education and Bachelor Degree requirements and their learning outcomes.  This work is done together with the General Education Curriculum Council.

Finally, we are participating in a project beginning in the fall of 2015 to help departments across campus look at their learning outcomes and create plans to assess them. This will be done in collaboration with the Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and General Education.  A web site related to this new project will be coming soon (late summer 2015).

Please write ( or call (585-9876) Mark St. AndrĂ©, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies with questions about assessment.  If you would like to set up a survey, please send an email to  Thank you!