Quantitative Reasoning Math (QA) Courses

Some courses that satisfy General Education and Bachelor Degree Requirements may be cross listed, which means that they are the same course, but offered by two or more departments.  For example PHIL 2510 is cross listed with BIOL 2510.  For all intents and purposes these are considered the same course.  If a student took PHIL 2510, and later took BIOL 2510, for graduation purposes, this would be considered repeating the same course: no further graduation requirements would be satisfied, and only the second grade would be recorded on the student’s record.

The following courses fulfill the QA portion of the Quantitative Reasoning Requirement:

MATH 1030 (3) Intro Quant Reasoning
MATH 1050 (4) Coll Alg
MATH 1060 (3) Trig
MATH 1090 (3) Coll Alg Bus/Soc Sci

or any mathematics course of three semester hours or more having the "name" College Algebra, Finite Mathematics, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, or having "Calculus" in its title, or (2) any higher level mathematics course (except statistics) of three semester hours or more that requires a foundation in college algebra or finite numbers.