General Education and Bachelor Degree Requirements

GOAL: The overall objective of the General Education program at the University of Utah is to fulfill the requirements of the State of Utah's policy R470 (pdf) which mandates that state institutions of higher education deliver general education programs within certain guidelines.

These State mandated guidelines come from the Association of American Colleges & Universities’ (AAC&U) Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) initiative, which Utah joined in 2009. According to the AAC&U, “LEAP responds to the changing demands of the twenty first century—demands for more college educated workers and more engaged and informed citizens.” LEAP defines liberal education in the 21st century as one that is driven by engagement with big questions, both contemporary and enduring, and designed to prepare students to “deal with complexity, diversity, and change.” AAC&U has outlined Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) as a guiding vision of the skills and dispositions that are consistent with a 21st century education.

STUDENTS: Use the tables below to find courses that meet the General Education or Bachelor Degree Requirements. The course list links below will redirect you to the University of Utah's Catalog web site where you can search for courses that meet each of the designations. 

FACULTY: Use the tables below to view the criteria and the rubrics used to evaluate applications for the designations.  Go here to start the process to apply for a General Education or Bachelor Degree Requirement designation for your course.





American Institutions (AI)

AI Course List

AI Criteria

Lower Division Writing (WR2)

WR2 Course List

WR2 Criteria

Quantitative Reasoning (QA,QB,QR)

QA/QB/QR Course Lists

QA/QB Criteria

Intellectual Explorations Requirements


Fine Arts (FF)

FF Course List

FF Criteria

Humanities (HF)

HF Course List

HF Criteria

Physical/Life Science (SF)

SF Course List

SF Criteria

Applied Science (AS)

AS Course List

AS Criteria

Social/Behavioral Science (BF)

BF Course List

BF Criteria




Course List


BA Language Requirement

BA Language Requirement info

BA Criteria

BS Quantitative Intensive (QI)

QI Course List

QI Criteria

Diversity (DV)

DV Course List

DV Criteria

International (IR)

IR Course List

IR Criteria

Upper-Division Communication/Writing (CW)

CW Course List

CW Criteria

Student Requirements: Students are required to meet the AI, WR2, and QR (QA +QB) requirement by taking one or more courses in each of those areas. See the criteria pages in the last column of the table above for more detail on those requirements.

Intellectual Explorations: Students are required to take two classes in each of three of the four Intellectual Explorations (IE) areas (Fine Arts; Humanities; Physical, Life Sciences; Applied Sciences) that are not associated with the student's major. So, to be clear, students need to take six classes total - 2 in each of the Intellectual Explorations (IE) areas in which they are not majoring. Please consult with an adviser to learn which IE areas apply to specific programs of study.

BA/BS Requirements: Students pursuing a BA must take the required number of language courses and achieve certain competencies - see the BA Criteria link in the table above for more detail. Students pursuing a BS are not required to take language courses but are required to take two QI courses - see the QI Course List.

All students must take one course in each of the Diversity (DV), International (IR), and Upper-Division Communication/Writing (CW) areas. See those course links above to see courses that are available to meet those requirements.

Some courses that satisfy General Education and Bachelor Degree Requirements may be cross listed, which means that they are the same course, but offered by two or more departments. For example PHIL 2510 is cross listed with BIOL 2510. For all intents and purposes these are considered the same course. If a student took PHIL 2510, and later took BIOL 2510, for graduation purposes, this would be considered repeating the same course: no further graduation requirements would be satisfied, and only the second grade would be recorded on the student’s record.

*If you are a faculty person and want to apply for a General Education requirement for your course, click here.

** If you are a student and you want to talk to someone about petitioning or appealing to get a course counted for a particular General Education requirement, please call University College Advising at 581-8146 for a quick question or make an appointment by clicking here: