Undergraduate Council

Responsibilities and Composition of the Undergraduate Council

Undergraduate education is, of course, a major mission of the University.  The Council, working closely with the colleges, departments and programs, is responsible for many of the policies that shape our students' education.  Members of the Council are elected from a broad range of colleges and departments that offer undergraduate degrees, along with representatives from ASUU, the Library and other areas that work closely with undergraduate education.  The Council works best when it promotes a lively exchange of views on policies vital to a student's education.

The Council is responsible for coordinating and encouraging the development of undergraduate studies across the University and overseeing all university-wide undergraduate requirements.  It is charged with maintaining a program of general education and other graduation requirements in cooperation with the academic departments and colleges.  The Council reviews and evaluates proposals for new certificates, degrees and undergraduate programs not located in or associated with graduate programs and collaborates with the Graduate Council in reviewing undergraduate programs based in departments that award graduate degrees.  The Undergraduate Council also serves as the selection committee for University Professor and for the McMurrin Distinguished Visiting Professor.

The exact membership and responsibilities of the Council are listed in the Policy and Procedures Manual.