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UGS Administration

Martha Bradley-Evans
Senior Associate Vice President (Academic Affairs) & Dean (Undergraduate Studies)
(801) 585-9604
Sandi Pershing
Dean of Continuing Education and Assistant Vice President of Engagement
(801) 585-0911
Ann Darling
Assistant Vice President of Undergraduate Studies (General Education)
(801) 581-3412
Ed Barbanell
Associate Dean (Bachelor of University Studies, Curriculum Administration, NSE)
(801) 585-6423
Amy Bergerson
Associate Dean (Student Success & Empowerment Initiative)
(801) 587-8556
Beth Howard
Associate Dean (Academic Advising Center)
(801) 581-8146
Cory Stokes
Associate Dean (UOnline)
(801) 585-0475
Patrick Tripeny
Associate Dean (Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence)
(801) 585-7597
Mark St. André
Assistant Dean (Assessment & General Education)
(801) 585-9876
Ann Blanchard
Executive Assistant to the Senior Associate Vice President
(801) 581-3188
Katie Sexton
Administrative Assistant to the Senior Associate Vice President
(801) 585-9604
Last Updated: 1/9/17