Privacy & Surveillance Block

We now live in an era of around-the-clock surveillance where our daily communications, activities and movements are tracked, stored and analyzed by government and businesses on a scale never before imagined. The digitization of information, the ascendance of Big Data analytics, the growth of behavioral marketing and the increasingly sophisticated tracking technologies have combined to fundamentally alter our concept of personal privacy. If you want to understand and explore the privacy challenges of the Digital Age then this Block U is for you.

Your BlockU experience is designed to help you be successful taking 15 credit hours per semester — which will help you finish your degree sooner! In many cases, participating in two consecutive BlockU semesters will clear your General Education requirements. You will be enrolled in a small learning community course and two additional required courses. These courses are taught by exceptional faculty who will help you integrate your learning experiences. You will have access to peer mentors, a dedicated advisor, a dedicated librarian, and a student success advocate.

To learn more about BlockU or to schedule an appointment with the BlockU Advisor,
please contact Terese Pratt at

How to Sign Up

Step 1:

Sign up for the Privacy & Surveillance BlockU Seminar plus the 2 other required courses.

Contact Andrea Haag at for the UGS 2260 permission code.
Class # Course Title Schedule Location Instructor
1122 UGS 2260-001 Privacy & Surveillance BlockU M,W
TBA Dryer, Lawson
14541 GEOG 1100-001 Exploring Google Earth T,H
OSH 215 Edgar
11080 ART 1015-001 Response to Materials F
ART 362 Brunvand

Fall 2015 Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:40         ART 1015
10:45 UGS 2260
GEOG 1100
UGS 2260
GEOG 1100

Step 2:

Select 2 additional courses from the General Education options. See your advisor.

  Fall 2015     Spring 2016
  UGS 2260-001 TBA     UGS 2265-001 TBA
  GEOG 1100-001 SF     TBA TBA
  ART 1015-001 FF     TBA TBA
Math       Math?*    
Writing       Writing?*    
* Other options include courses that fulfill the AI requirement. If all other General Education requirements are complete, you may begin selecting courses that fulfill prerequisites for your chosen major or take courses that will help you balance your work load.