Health, Food & Social Justice

Food is a universal necessity in life. Yet, the ways in which food is produced, distributed, prepared and consumed widely varies according to location, culture, and income. Food practices significantly impact environmental, social and physical health in ways that are also highly variable. While the options for creating a more sustaina-ble food system are being debated at many levels, in this BlockU you will be able to be actively engaged in creating a more sustainable and equitable food system in Salt Lake City. By partnering with local organizations working to grow food and community, you will directly influence the sustainability of our local “foodshed.” We will examine a variety of issues, ranging from the diversity of food movements, to the environmental impacts of agriculture, to the cultural influences that affect sustainable food practices. This will provide you with a grasp of the challenges and opportunities this issue presents and afford you the chance to create viable solutions. If you’re interested in progressively shaping local food movements, the environment, and our community, this BlockU will help you develop the perspectives and practical skills necessary to do just that.

Your BlockU experience is designed to help you be successful taking 15 credit hours per semester — which will help you finish your degree sooner! In many cases, participating in two consecutive BlockU semesters will clear your General Education requirements. You will be enrolled in a small learning community course and two additional required courses. These courses are taught by exceptional faculty who will help you integrate your learning experiences. You will have access to peer mentors, a dedicated advisor, a dedicated librarian, and a student success advocate.

To learn more about BlockU or to schedule an appointment with the BlockU Advisor,
please contact Terese Pratt at

How to Sign Up

Step 1:

Sign up for the Health, Food & Social Justice BlockU Seminar plus the 2 other required courses.

Contact Andrea Haag at for the UGS 2280 permission code.
Class # Course Title Schedule Location Instructor
17387 UGS 2280-001 Health, Food & Social Justice BlockU T,H
TBA Cachelin, Jones
7830 CMP 2010-001 Intro Urban Ecology M,W
SW 134 Goldsmith
7104 NUTR 1020-001 Sci Fndtn Nutr & Health M,W
OSH WPRA Reiderer

Fall 2015 Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11:50 NUTR 1020
  NUTR 1020
2:00   UGS 2280
  UGS 2280
3:05 CMP 2010
CMP 2010

We strongly suggest that you enroll in one of the following Writing courses Fall Semester:

Class # Course Title Schedule Location Instructor
7827 WRTG 1010-011 Introduction to Writing T,H
BUC 210 Staff
1774 WRTG 2010-035 Intermediate Writing T,H
OSH 138 Staff
8319 WRTG 2010-047 Intermediate Writing M,W
OSH 236 Staff

Step 2:

Select 2 additional courses from the General Education options. See your advisor.

  Fall 2015     Spring 2016
  UGS 2280-001 HF     UGS 2285-001 BF
  CMP 2010-001 BF     ENVST 2050 SF
  NUTR 1020-001 AS     DES 2615 FF
Math       Math?*    
Writing       Writing?*    
* Other options include courses that fulfill the AI requirement. If all other General Education requirements are complete, you may begin selecting courses that fulfill prerequisites for your chosen major or take courses that will help you balance your work load.